Gail Young receives early endorsement in NC House District 83 race

Young campaign endorsed by the nonpartisan group Now or Never NC

July 20, 2019

CONCORD, NC – North Carolina House candidate Gail Young received the endorsement of Now or Never NC, a nonpartisan organization focused on supporting challengers dedicated to strong public education, redistricting reform, and an understanding of local government 

Young announced the early endorsement saying, “I am honored to receive Now or Never NC’s support. There is a natural alignment between their policy priorities and my core platform.  I have spent the last several years advocating for redistricting reform and an end to harmful gerrymandering.  That is my top priority in this campaign because I believe it’s the root cause of so many problems in our political system.  Politicians should have to campaign hard and earn our votes, instead of trying to take away our power to hold them accountable for bad legislation.”     

“I know how government works, I know how to make government more effective.” Young devoted her career to public service, retiring after nearly 27 years in local government.  She works now as a professional consultant, coaching executives and managers on how to lead with their values. 

In 2017, Young felt compelled to use her experience and skills to work in her community on the issues of redistricting reform and voting access.  She founded a community group, Citizens in Action NC, to educate and advocate for nonpartisan redistricting reform.  “Before I ever thought about running for office, I spent time having conversations in our community with residents who feel like they don’t have any power to decide who will be elected to make decisions about their future.  Voters are frustrated, and it leads to a great deal of apathy,” said Young. 

“We took voters’ concerns, and their signatures, to our representatives in Raleigh; and it largely fell on deaf ears,” Young recalls of meetings at the General Assembly.  “I realized that if I wanted to see more accountability from our government and an end to harmful gerrymandering, I would have to actually have a seat at the table.  So, I made the decision to run; to advocate for the voters and the communities I care about.  I am thrilled to have the support of Now or Never NC, an organization that supports advocates for positive change in our state.”       

Now or Never NC formed in 2014 to support candidates committed to working in the best interests of North Carolina, regardless of political party.  The organization supports candidates who will protect and enhance North Carolina’s reputation as the best place to live, raise a family, build a business, and support the American Dream.   

In 2018 Young received over 47% of the vote for House District 83, against incumbent Larry Pittman.  She official launched her 2020 campaign in June.  Voters can learn more about Gail Young at www.gailyoungnc.com.