Values Learned

I never aspired to become a politician. But I never imagined that there would be a time like this in the history of our state or in our country.

I am the oldest of four children raised in a family that my mother referred to as “lower middle class.” My father, a Korean War veteran, instilled in me and my siblings a faith in God, a deep respect for those who’ve sacrificed for our country, and a strong work ethic.

My mother raised us to love one another, and to care for those around us who were less fortunate.

I benefited from attending quality public schools in my community that prepared me to reach the goals I set for myself. After graduating high school, I worked my way through college, because I knew the hardship that massive tuition costs would place on my parents.

Gail Young and her family

Values Lived

Gail Young greeting a friend

I have dedicated my life to public service. For nearly thirty years, I’ve worked in l local government and currently manage over 350 employees while overseeing an operating budget of thirty-three million dollars.

After the 2018 election, I felt called to help change the direction that our state was heading in. I became a community activist, a position that combined my faith, my love for this district, and for this for great country.

The Value of Service

 I love my community. I believe in its residents. I’m committed to seeing balance restored in our state government.

I believe I am uniquely positioned to serve in the state legislature, bringing my faith, my experience in local government, and my values-first approach to leadership to work collaboratively, inclusively, and creatively for every citizen.

That’s why I am running to represent District 83 in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

I appreciate your support. And your vote.

Gail Young at the Veterans' Memorial