As a lifelong resident of NC, I am deeply concerned about the condition of our state. I never aspired to become a politician. But I never imagined that there would be a time like this in the history of our state and in our country. I grew up in a faith and community that believed in taking care of people and I have confidence that most North Carolinians feel the same way about watching out for our neighbors.  

The election year 2020 is the most important election in my lifetime.  District lines will be redrawn that will affect the next 10 years. It is critical the maps are drawn in  a manner that every vote has equal weight and every representative can be held accountable by the voters they represent.

It is my desire to use my skills, knowledge and passion to serve my community and focus state government on a return to the basics – educating our children, providing health care for everyone, and maintaining our environment for future generations.